Our Vision

The Vision of National Center for Youth Issues

National Center for Youth Issues aspires to be America's premier clearinghouse for resource materials, training and support services to advance the psychosocial, emotional, physical, character, and life-skill capacities of today's children and youth.

To accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Provide relevant teaching tools and resources, providing these to entities able to most effectively impact the largest number of children and youth.
  • Proactively identify trends in youth issues, providing timely and culturally diverse response resources.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and recognized authorities on youth culture and development.
  • Utilize electronic and print media to disseminate helpful information to those working to advance the health and well-being of children and youth.
  • Participate in, promote, manage and conduct local, regional, statewide and national educator training conferences.
  • Maintain the highest standard of professional business conduct, ethics and accountability.
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