Letters from Guidance Counselors, Principals and Teachers

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Testimonials from Guidance Counselors, Principals and Teachers


"As a school counselor, I am in a position to utilize materials in a number of educational settings and with children grades K-5. All of the materials we received have been enjoyed. We have made the books and videos available to the entire faculty. The Fifth Grade students enjoyed the video Full Court Perseverance. Kindergarten and First Grade students were encouraged to respect others and their differences through the use of a seal puppet and a story about a seal with a birthmark, from the book, Seymour the Seal."
- Elementary School Guidance Counselor

"The materials are being used by our school counselor during her monthly visits to each classroom, highlighting the character trait of the month. We also show some of the videos on our closed circuit TV so the entire school may view them at the same time. This is an excellent way to introduce the character trait of the month. The faculty and students have responded very favorably to these delightful materials and they have been a wonderful addition to our Character Education program."
- Elementary School Counselor

"The materials have really helped us implement our character education program. They are available to all faculty members and our school counselor has made extensive use of the materials in classroom presentations in every grade. She has also found some of them useful in counseling individuals. We are particularly pleased with The Book of Virtues videos series. We find that the cartoon format holds students' attention and the use of three stories in each video allows for a wide range of discussion. Classroom teachers also find it easy to use the quotes and worksheets from WiseSkills and WiseQuotes."
- Elementary School Principal and Character Education Committee Chair

"The Character Education materials have been a wonderful resource to our faculty and students. The students have especially enjoyed the videos from The Book of Virtues. Every month, through our closed-captioned TV, I show the video that pertains to the word of the month to the whole student body."
- Elementary School Counselor

"Our kindergarten students are thrilled with the puppet Seymour the Seal. If you could see the faces of the students as they listen to the adventures of Seymour and his friends, you would understand the educational benefits and joy this resource brings to the classroom. Utilizing the puppets to teach valuable character lessons is exciting and stimulates the students' interaction. The movies on various character traits have been enjoyed by all the students and faculty. The teachers have commented on the educational and character building value of the PBS movies. The students and faculty will enjoy and learn from these materials for many years."
- Elementary School Principal and School Counselor

"The Book of Virtues and VeggieTales videos are a big hit. They are wonderful for both classroom and small group lessons. The kids adore Seymour and his friends. They love to tell Pinky what she should be doing. Some have even made up their own stories for the Seymour characters to act out."
- Elementary School Guidance Counselor

'Thank you very much for the character education videos, books, etc. I find that they are visually stimulating, educationally sound and highly motivational for our students."
- Elementary School Counselor

"I have utilized these materials in many of the classrooms, as well as in individual counseling sessions. The kindergarten classes have really enjoyed the VeggieTales videos. These videos present character traits in an enjoyable way that the children can relate to. The Secret Adventure videos have been used for fourth graders. I had seen a couple of these videos during my internship in school counseling, so I knew how much the students loved them. The puppets that came with the Seymour the Seal series have been invaluable in both individual counseling sessions and classroom presentations. Students will sometimes talk to the puppets when they are not able to express themselves to an adult. One student in particular had great difficulty with expressing herself. These puppets have been instrumental in improving her communication skills. The Pinky puppet has especially been a hit with the first grade class. The students want to see Pinky at every classroom presentation, and she recently attended their Valentine's Day Party. All of these materials in our Resource Kit have been instrumental in providing our students with a well-rounded program that they really enjoy."
- Elementary School Principal and Counselor

"The materials have been invaluable and will be an important resource for the counseling program for many years to come."
- Elementary School Counselor

"These materials provide beneficial information for our students on all age levels. The materials purchased provide a video for a classroom presentation, a summary and an idea sheet, all of which are extremely user friendly. Character education is so important when students are young and any new ideas about how to stress the importance of having these character qualities will help make our jobs a little easier. These materials are full of such new ideas and will definitely help supplement the character education activities already in place at our school."
- Primary School Principal and Guidance Counselor

"The materials have been well received by our students and teachers. I have used these materials mostly in classrooms as part of our developmental guidance program presentations. I have also used some of the videos with small groups. I have given some of the materials to individual teachers to use with their class work on projects. One 6th grade class used some material to create a hyper-studio presentation on character on the computer."
- Elementary School Counselor

"The extensive collection of character education materials has truly enriched our curriculum. Our students have benefited in many ways from these materials. The materials have been used this year as a part of a concerted effort to reduce discipline problems and to raise students' awareness of the need for self-discipline. Many teachers have commented that as a result of this program, students are becoming aware of the results of their actions, both positive and negative. We believe this is the first step in the students' process of becoming productive citizens in our community."
- Elementary School Guidance Counselor

"The videos are entertaining as well as educational. The subject matter in each of the videos shown to my class has provided us with a springboard from which many productive class discussions have taken place. We are very fortunate to have access to these in our guidance program."
- Elementary School Guidance Counselor

"The character education resources in our kit are wonderful. The videos, puppets and accompanying lesson plans are greatly appreciated by both the faculty and students. The students are learning practical ways to demonstrate positive character traits through these resources. The lessons are very age appropriate which allow the students to easily relate to the topics and understand their meaning. When the children realize they are about to see the videos, they begin clapping and singing the theme song. They love them!"
- Elementary School Principal and School Counselor

Middle School

"The videos are being viewed by teachers and students alike. The format of the videos is excellent and the students not only enjoy watching them but also are benefiting from the message of good character. The materials are serving as a foundation on which we are building our Character education program."
- Junior High School Counselor

"The In Search of Character videos are presented in an interesting format and, I believe, have been valuable tools in our Character Education Program. They are very thought provoking and have been instrumental in causing our students to take an inner look at themselves. Their feelings, attitudes and behavior towards others have been impacted by these videos."
- Junior High School Career Education Teacher

"The high quality character development print and video materials are excellent and meet real needs in our character education efforts. Each Monday our 'Prime Time' slot is devoted to character education. The videos in the Resource Kit have been used regularly and are effective. We have a character education 'Thought' for each school day and many of the thoughts have been borrowed from one of the books in the Resource Kit."
- Junior High School Principal and Counselor

High School

"The materials are used on a weekly basis. We teach character education on a daily basis but have a formal class on Friday. The students have enjoyed the videos tapes as well as the written materials."
- High School Staff

"As we initiate our program promoting character education we have benefited from use of the resources in our kit. One teacher stated that student behavior has improved in her classroom as she teaches using the character traits promoted each month. A student has mentioned that the attitude in her classes from students and teachers is better. Since this is our first year we look forward to seeing many more improvements in the future."
- High School Character Education Committee Chairperson

"Teachers and students alike have utilized the materials in the classrooms to promote positive character within our school community. The videos have been especially employed as useful character building tools for our students. We have heard many positive comments from students and teachers who have enjoyed the practical approach used by the videos to bring a realistic view to the topics. We have used the materials in conjunction with our 'Words of the month' character building program."
- High School Counselor Staff

"We have placed the materials from the kit in our media center for the teachers to check out as needed to present their lessons on character traits. As of today, I am proud to say that the teachers have utilized the materials well. I have heard comments from the students at the school and from people in the community about the program."
- High School Principal

Elementary and Combined Grades 6-12 

"The age-appropriate videos captivate the students' interest and are very informative. The materials are a great supplemental addition to the guidance curriculum."
- K-12 School Principal and Character Education Coordinator

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