The Boy Who Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster

The Boy Who Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster

An update on the life of Vince, the boy referred to in the video

The Boy Who Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster is a video that was published by National Center for Youth Issues (NCYI) and Sue Pettit Jackson. Sue wrote and narrated the video about her son’s drug problem. Over the years we have found that many children and teachers that have seen the video want to know how Vince is doing now. The following is a letter that Sue wrote to NCYI on January 17, 2004.

It has been 10 years since I first created the video, ‘The Boy Who Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster.’ The impact of this video has been great. Millions of children have seen this video. Even now 10 years later it is still relevant. The message is timeless. Drugs continue to be a danger to all of our children.

For Vince and his family the past 10 years have brought much needed healing. Vince is now 31. He is married to a wonderful woman, Rebecca. He has a daughter, Sarah who is six years old, and two stepsons, Nate (10) and Matt (12). They live in St. Joseph, MO where Vince and Rebecca work for a large chain restaurant. They have worked hard together to establish a home.

Vince has struggled with his drug addiction over the last 10 years. He continues to be confronted with the temptation to use drugs. They are always available in his community, and in his workplace. His love for Jesus and his family have given him the strength to overcome his desire to use.

Vince’s sister Jenna is a scientist doing research on dinosaurs for North Carolina State University. She is also doing research for NASA looking for evidence of past life on Mars. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her dog Bearly. They have lived in Montana and Wyoming where they climbed six mountain peaks.

Vince, Jenna and I want you to know we are glad our story has touched so many children and hopefully changed their lives. Thank you for helping us by sharing our story.

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