30-Minute Groups Series

Brief Counseling Techniques that Work

30-Minute Groups is a new curriculum series that aims to help school counselors and educators navigate three main challenges they encounter when attempting to start a small group:

  • Workload Demands to manage the number of students for whom they are responsible
  • No Prep Time to create lessons and activities for small group sessions
  • Budget Constraints for ongoing training


The strategic design allows students to empathize, connect with others, and translate their new knowledge into practice. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA)-aligned curriculum contains an introductory lesson, ten core topical lessons, and a completion session. Practical and applicable, the activities provided are suitable for small and large group instruction and require no additional materials!

30-Minute Groups: Anxiety book cover

Coming Fall 2024

30-Minute Groups: Grief book cover

Coming Soon

Now Available

30-Minute Groups: Managing Big Emotions book cover

Coming Fall 2024

30-Minute Groups: Online Safety book cover

Coming Soon

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