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The National Center for Youth Issues (NCYI) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization providing educational resources, training and support programs to foster the healthy psychosocial, emotional, and physical development of children and youth.

Founded in 1981, NCYI has become known as one of the country’s premier providers of counseling and character education resources. NCYI has served more than 39,000 schools in all 50 states, addressing a comprehensive array of developmental issues facing today’s children.


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Keeping Teens Safe on Social Media

Keeping Teens Safe on Social Media What parents should know to protect their kids. Social media can help teenagers with healthy development but it can also create risks. Psychological research shows it is critically important to focus on how teens use social media and the type of content they see. As a parent or caregiver, you are the expert on…

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Limbic System: Your Child’s On/Off Switch for Emotional Grounding, Fight or Flight and Meltdowns

Limbic System Your Child’s On/Off Switch for Emotional Grounding, Fight or Flight and Meltdowns Many systems in the child’s body deal with emotions and the sometimes complex psychological response that they initiate. Two brain systems, however, share the important task of regulating your child’s emotions. Both have distinct jobs that have differing focuses on internal and external demands, but they…

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Why We Need to Teach Digital Citizenship to Our Students

Why We Need to Teach Digital Citizenship to Our Students Our students spend a lot of time on their devices. By age 11, 53% of children in the U.S. have a smartphone, and by age 16, 89% have one.1 Not only do most youth own a device, but they are on it a lot too! Since the pandemic, young people’s…

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NCYI Speakers Bureau

Our speakers provide high quality, engaging professional development t raining for in-service days, workshops, and conferences. Bring the nation’s best to your school or district, and let NCYI handle all the details.

Please click on the topic of interest below to search for speakers, or search alphabetically by speaker name.

For more information or to make arrangements, please call us at 1-866-318-NCYI, or email us.


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“Warmest thanks for coordinating our district’s all-level counselor meeting. This was one of the most highly acclaimed professional learning sessions we have ever offered. The speakers were well prepared, knowledgeable and timely, and the Product Showcase opportunity added a great deal to the counselor’s appreciation of the day.”

– Dianne Thompson –

Office of Advisement & Counseling, Gwinnett County, GA Public Schools

“NCYI takes relationship building to another level! They make us feel as if we’re a member of their family and go the “extra mile” in servicing our district. When planning large in-service events, they take all our stress away… we simply tell them what we want, and they handle the rest! We 100% recommend NCYI.”

– Susan Seng –

Counseling / Testing Supervisor, Shelby County, AL Public Schools

“Of the hundreds of educator conferences I’ve attended over the past several years, those put on by National Center for Youth Issues rank at the very top of the list when it comes to quality and relevance. They feature the top presenters in our field, and attendees go away with valuable skills that can immediately be put to use. It’s no wonder so many participate year after year for an enriching experience.”

– Dr. Hal Urban –

Educator, Speaker and Author of “Life’s Greatest Lessons”