Amie Dean

Dean, Amie

Meet Amie Dean!

AMIE DEAN‘s personal mantra is: Teach Hard. Love Harder.

She has supported students with academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges for over 25 years as a teacher, behavior interventionist, and consultant.  Amie’s mission has always been to help children recognize their gifts, know their worth, and find their passion.  She knows that  children often need a champion to help with those endeavors.  Amie has found great joy in helping educators all over the country become true champions for their students.

Amie resides in Roswell, GA with her husband and three sons – the source of her own happy heart.  Becoming an author has always been a dream, so she is thrilled to share her debut book, Your Happy Heart, with you. Connect with Amie at

If you would like to have Amie Dean speak at your event or visit your school, please Contact Us.  Click here for details about her sessions or for more information about having Amie Dean present: Amie Dean’s Speaker’s Bureau.

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