Ashley Wright

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Ashley Wright has been an educator over fifteen years and a certified school counselor and licensed professional counselor since 2018. She graduated from Sam Houston State University and currently serves as a certified school counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Her experience as an elementary classroom teacher helped her realize students were having endless challenges dealing with home, school, and peers. Inspired to serve more students, she became a school counselor, connecting with them both at school and in the community. This role allowed her to provide broader social-emotional support, equipping students with tools to build resilience and stronger relationships.

Ashley’s commitment to fostering inclusive and comprehensive educational programs has made a significant impact on countless students, families, and educators at the national level. Her exemplary efforts were recognized when she was honored as a 2022 American School Counselor of the Year Finalist and the 2021 Texas School Counselor of the Year. In addition to school counseling, Ashley serves as a national speaker and advocate of the profession to teach students and educators to embrace diversity, increase self-esteem, build character, and maintain resilience. It is her divine belief that “Every human being has the unlimited potential to make positive change in one’s life.”

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