E-Books and Audio Books

Getting our Books is even easier!

E-Books and Audio Books

Many of our books are now available as E-Books and Audio Books! These formats are a great option for so many reasons:

  • They are delivered immediately. Get the book now and start reading!
  • They are portable. Have a whole library of books accessible on your preferred device!
  • Less expensive option. While our books are priced at a low cost, who doesn’t love cheaper? A majority of our E-Books and Audio Books are less than the physical book.
  • Using Overdrive, your whole class can access a book for a set amount of time, with the Class Set option. No need for sharing and everyone their own copy.

Need books for your whole class or for a book club?

Use Class Set Pricing to get multiple copies to loan to students for a set amount of time! Visit OverDrive for more information on this cost-effective option.

Click the image of your preferred retailer to purchase an E-Book or Audio Book.