Erika Shearin Karres

Dr. Erika Shearin Karres is an award-winning educator, motivational speaker, and author. She has won numerous “Teacher of Excellence” awards and was honored by the Governors of North Carolina and Kentucky.

“Dr. Erika” is the author of the bestseller Mean Chicks, Cliques & Dirty Tricks: A Real Girl’s Guide to Getting Through it All, now in an expanded edition. Dr. Erika’s other books on bullying include: 121 Strategies for Bully Proofing Your School, Violence-Proof Your Kids Nowand a children’s book, Kicky the Mean Chick. She’s written two young adult books and several parentingbooks including The Everything Parent’s Guide to Raising Girls. She has also written a memoir A German Tale: A Girl Surviving Hitler’s Legacy, and co-authored a book on memoir writing called Memoir Star.Her books are translated into Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Polish, and distributed globally. She has also written popular advice columns, workbooks, and education manuals and hosts informative Webinars.

As an expert on teen aggression, Dr. Erika is an active participant in Annual National Conference on Girl Bullying and Other Forms of Relational Aggression, serving as both a keynote speaker and workshop leader. She also speaks at national and state conventions and conferences, including the North Carolina School Counselors Conference. She is frequently quoted in parenting and teen magazines and on TV.

Dr. Erika received a BA, M.Ed., and Ed.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She taught both in the public schools and on the college level as an assistant professor for 35 years.

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