Hello, Anger

From a brain perspective, it makes sense. Stress has been high these past couple of years.

Hello, Anger

Anger is everywhere.

From a brain perspective, it makes sense. Stress has been high these past couple of years. Our brains and bodies don’t automatically recognize the difference between physical danger and feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious. Maybe that’s why signs like this have been popping up, a gentle reminder not to let our stress and anger bubble over onto others!

Unfortunately, being kind doesn’t solve everything.

Don’t get me wrong…kindness matters! But there’s still that heaviness we are all are carrying around. It’s only a matter of time until your self-control wears thin, and those big feelings explode–onto your kids, your partner…maybe yourself. It happens to everyone!

I’ve been talking (and listening) about anger a lot lately.

Here’s what I’m hearing:

– I wasn’t allowed to feel angry as a kid.
– My (or my kid’s) anger seems to erupt out of the blue.
– I see the “take a deep breath” or “count to 10” solutions, but that doesn’t seem like enough.
– I don’t know how to talk about anger.
– Anger makes me uncomfortable–in myself, in others, all of it!

You are not alone.

This is intense stuff! Anger activates primal instincts, those “tiger moments” I’m always talking about. Our amygdala senses “DANGER! DANGER!” and the brainstem races into action! While taking a deep breath is an important first step to slow down the “Fight-Flight-Freeze” reaction, we need tools for digging deeper. We need help saying hello to our anger and the whole mess of stuff underneath.

Introducing… HELLO, ANGER! This book is designed to help the kids in your life become feelings detectives!

Geared toward children 8+, readers will join the students of Sunnydale Elementary on a day when that fiery red book, Anger, keeps exploding onto others. Mrs. Miller helps these young scholars use their detective skills to figure out what other “books” might be hiding further down. As they spend some time with each book, Mrs. Miller and her class are able to find their way back to peace.

And as always, there’s a little user-friendly brain science in the back for grown-ups.

Go to www.helloanger.com for all the details!

Written by Jessica Sinarski.

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