Anchor Your Stress Card Game


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Have fun playing a familiar game while teaching children important life skills! This game teaches players about stress and anxiety and helps them deal with anxiety-provoking situations. It also provides practical thinking skills that include self-talk, coping mechanisms, and relaxation techniques.

Play-2-Learn: Go Fish Card Games play like the classic Go Fish. There are two decks of 50 cards in each game – Grades K-2 and 3-5.

The games differ from classic go fish in that players must answer a question before they can accept a requested card. Instead of the usual number and picture cards, the cards have fun pictures of fish and fish names. For example, a player may ask, “Do you have any Henry Herrings?” If the player receives a Henry Herring card, the player reads the question on the card aloud and answers are open ended. If the player did not have any Henry Herrings, the player would say, “go fish,” and then the first player would take a card from the “ocean” (extra cards in the center of the table).

Each game also comes with a rules sheet and facilitator guidelines.

Grades K-5
2 Decks, 50 Cards each
Release Date January 1, 2014

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