The Anger Management Workbook for Teen Boys

CBT Skills to Defuse Triggers, Manage Difficult Emotions, and Resolve Issues Peacefully


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CBT skills for coping with angry thoughts, expressing your emotions, and putting an end to angry outbursts—once and for all.

Being a young man is tough, and you’re not always equipped to deal with the ongoing challenges of school, work, family, and relentless peer pressure. First of all, it’s not all your fault. Our society encourages boys to repress their emotions—both positive and negative. You may have been told to “suck it up,” or “just be a man.” But burying your emotions can make it extremely difficult to express yourself, be heard, and feel like your needs are being met. The result is a frustration that builds and boils over into anger. The good news is there’s an easy-to-learn method for managing your anger and expressing your emotions in a healthy way.

Written by an expert in anger with decades of experience working with teens, this book provides you with the tools you need for effective anger management, as well as essential skills for getting in touch with and communicating your thoughts and feelings. You’ll learn to understand the emotions that trigger anger, build up your emotional vocabulary to better express your feelings, and focus on the positive. You’ll also discover anger-reduction techniques to stay cool when anger intensifies, so you put out the fire and get to a place of calm.

This workbook is packed with tips and tricks to help you:

  • Replace unhelpful anger with clear communication
  • Break the habit of catastrophizing and personalizing
  • Reduce the overwhelming physiological response of anger
  • Channel the positive power of anger

With the right tools, you can take charge of your anger—and your life. This workbook will show you how.

Written by Thomas J. Harbin
Paperback ISBN 9781684039074
Grades 6-12
168 pages
Release Date May 1, 2022

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