Arggh! Glitter Ball – Yellow (Large Size)


SKU: D526-Net

Play with this glitter stress ball and get some physical and emotional relief. This amazing shimmery stress ball helps to improve focus and acts as a calming toy for the kids with Add ADHD Autism.

  • Vent In Style: This glittered, medium-sized version of the best-selling Arggh stress ball is made with shimmering flecks of glitter. Vent in style with this glam squishy stress ball; this Arggh ball is suitable for physical and emotional stress relief.
  • Calming Squishy Ball: Release stress and relieve anxiety as you squeeze this glitter squishy ball. Use this stress relief toy to improve focus and as a calming sensory toy for children with ADD or ADHD; use for hand, wrist, and finger exercises for physical therapy.
  • Non-Toxic, Safe For Kids And Adults: This glittery anti-anxiety ball is enjoyable and safe for boys and girls ages 8 and above.
  • Squeeze Your Stress Away: Bring your Arggh! Medium Glitter Stress Ball to get calm and squeeze your stress away. We’ll give you a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with your Arggh stress ball for kids and adults.
Grades K-12
4 inches

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