Behavior Interventions Set (15-Minute Focus Series)


Behavior Interventions Set (15-Minute Focus Series)


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Wish you had a roadmap for building a positive classroom community and preventing behavior challenges?

In 15-Minute Focus: Behavior Interventions, Amie Dean gives educators, counselors, and parents knowledge, strategies, and resources to teach children and teens how to communicate and make decisions to get their needs met in positive ways through behavior instruction and coaching.

In this two book set, you’ll discover:

  • The function of behavior
  • Ways to rethink responses to behavior
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Steps to create a trauma-sensitive classroom
  • Principles for a positive classroom
  • Actionable strategies, curated resources, and more!

Plus get the workbook to implement what you have learned! Your roadmap includes specific steps to:

  • Co-Creating a Positive Classroom Community in Four Weeks
  • Building Connections and Confidence
  • Prevention, Procedures, and a Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Goal-Setting and Monitoring
  • De-Escalation, Behavior Support, and Behavior Problem-Solving
  • 100+ Downloadable Resources, Including Many Templates You Can Personalize!

Get these two great books to help establish a positive classroom community all year long!

Author: Amie Dean
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12)
Grade Level: K-12
Format: Paperback
Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues
Release Date: August 4, 2022
Language: English
Product Type: Digital Link, Manual
Topic: General Counseling, Learning Disabilities, Staff & Parents

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