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Bouncy Bands for Middle & High School Chairs

Bouncy Bands for Middle & High School Chairs


Wiggle While You Work

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Bouncy Bands were created by Scott Ertl, a renowned school counselor and speaker. He created Bouncy Bands to help students at his own school to have a way to move when they worked so they wouldn’t have to stay trapped at their desks for 4-5-6 hours a day. He wanted to help them be able to stretch their legs, bounce their feet and prop up their feet instead of having them dangle all day from their chair.

Bouncy Bands:

  • Allow students to move while they work quietly. Make learning and working fun!
  • Increase time on task.
  • Help high energy workers fidget without distracting others.
  • Discreetly soothe student anxiety, frustration and hyperactivity.

Bouncy Bands use heavy-duty solid rubber bungee cord and come with support pipes to keep the Bouncy Bands are the perfect height, without sliding down.

Audience: Middle (6-8), High (9-12)
Grade Level: 6-12
Format: Other
ISBN: 647971371502
Language: English
Product Type: Other
Topic: General Counseling, Learning Disabilities

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