Bridge Over Worried Waters Game


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Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is the treatment of choice for anxiety – and it’s the basis for this game.

Players respond to anxiety-producing situations described on Problem Cards by choosing one of three strategies presented on Solution Cards:

  • Self-Talk – Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  • Relaxation – Practicing deep breathing, muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation
  • Coping – Using distraction to divert attention from anxiety to fun

As problems are solved, players use their discarded Solution Cards to build a bridge that will carry them over the “Worried Waters” to safety. (Card stands included with the game facilitate this process.) Players can construct their own bridges, or the group can work together to build a single, elaborate bridge. Either way, this task ensures that players have fun as they learn to deal with their anxiety.

Sample cards:

  • Other kids seem to be growing faster than you and you feel anxiety about their calling you “shortie”. What can you do about your feelings?
  • Your teacher has just read a paragraph in class. She asks a question and calls on you. You know the right answer but feel anxiety about answering her out loud. What can you do about your feelings?
  • You are about to begin an important test in school. You feel very anxious. What can you do about your feelings?
Created by Franklin Rubenstein
Grades 1-8
2-5 Players

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