Bully B.E.A.N.S.

A Picture Book to Help Kids Stand Up Against Bullying


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Bully B.E.A.N.S. teaches children how to speak up when it comes to bullying.

Bullying continues to be an ongoing problem for children everywhere. Children from every race, culture, and socioeconomic group are susceptible to bullies. Most children are unprepared for how to handle it when bullying happens to them or someone they know. Bully B.E.A.N.S helps children identify bullying, and offers clear and impactful action strategies for both targets and bystanders.

Maxine liked to pick on kids… especially Winston. Winston is the smartest kid in our whole school. Maxine made him do all of her homework and give her all of his lunch money. Maxine liked to make Winston cry… then she’d call him a crybaby.

“If you don’t do exactly what I tell you to, I’ll knock you into next week!”

Nobody liked the way Maxine treated Winston, but we were too afraid to do anything about it.

Written by bestselling author Julia Cook, Bully B.E.A.N.S. reminds children of the power of their voice and how to use it effectively when standing up against bullying.

Bullies Everywhere Are Now Stopped!

Written by Julia Cook
Illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Paperback ISBN 9781937870591
Grades 3-5
32 pages
Release Date September 26, 2019

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National Center for Youth Issues

Julia Cook, M.S. is a award-winning children’s author, counselor, and parenting expert. She has presented in thousands of schools and speaks at education and counseling conferences nationally and internationally. Julia has published almost one hundred children’s books on a wide range of character and social development topics, and regularly contributes to print and television media about these topics. The goal behind Cook’s work is to actively involve young people in fun, memorable stories and teach them to become lifelong problem-solvers. Inspiration for her books comes from working with children and carefully listening to counselors, parents, and teachers, in order to stay on top of needs in the classroom and at home. Cook has the innate ability to enter the worldview of a child through storybooks, giving children both the “what to say” and the “how to say it.”

Bully B.E.A.N.S. is a must for counselors, teachers, and administrators! Only Julia Cook can write a book that will help students recognize bullying behaviors and teach them to meet the bully “head-on” in a civil manner, all while stirring feelings of empathy. This book should be any educators go-to when addressing bullying issues with students.

Amie W. Cumming, Ed.S.
Director of Student and Family Support, Newton County Schools

Thank you for this updated version of Bully B.E.A.N.S.! The new illustrations are wonderful. I appreciate that the text has been condensed a bit because it really does a lot to hold the attention of children. Julia Cook always comes through with social-emotional books that are engaging and informative, without over-explaining or preaching. This book is great for helping students work together to stop bullying even if it feels scary or impossible. Snatch it up if your elementary teacher in any capacity, a school counselor, or a behavior specialist. You won’t be disappointed!

Kristin Tulisan
School Counselor


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