Cat’s Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle


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In Cat’s Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle Cat is determined to build the perfect sandcastle. When her friends come to help, Cat gets frustrated that things aren’t turning out just right. Cat shouts, “I want to do it my way!” After Cat finishes her masterpiece, the waves crash, and she realizes that it’s not just her precious castle that she’s lost. With Lovey Dove’s encouraging advice, Cat decides that having fun and paying attention to her friends’ feelings is more important then getting her sandcastle just right. With advice from communication expert, Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed CCC-SLP, Cat’s Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle offers parents and educators simple tips to help children practice sharing and playing in friendly ways, even during frustrating moments.

Written by Amy Novesky
Illustrated by Hanako Wakiyama
Hardcover ISBN 9780983766827
Grades PK-3
32 pages
Release Date August 1, 2012

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Amy Novesky is an independent children’s book editor and author. Amy lives with her family just north of San Francisco.

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