Central High: The Interactive Movie CD Game

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Billed as an “interactive movie”, Central High stars Kevin, an average teenager who goes to high school and spends time with his nuclear family. Unbeknownst to everyone, a “super-intelligent alien life force” plans to destroy Earth due to rampant greed, corruption, and violence. It will only stop if Kevin demonstrates his virtue over the next six days. As Kevin, the player must guide him through his day-to-day life while attempting to only make morally correct choices. These choices are presented in the form of quick-time events, where the player must react to situations occurring around them from a given selection of choices. For example, when a student on crutches trips, the player is prompted to either immediately help him, ask him if he needs help, or just ignore him. Any wrong choices causes one of six bulbs to light up at the bottom of the screen: if all six light up, the world is destroyed. This also erases the player’s save file, requiring them to restart from the beginning.

Central High was designed to teach morality to adolescents. It was heavily promoted by the governor of Oklahoma at the time, Frank Keating, and copies of the game were reportedly shipped to every school in the state.

Grades 4-10

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Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $15.00.

5 in stock

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