Character Education Power Kit (High)

Character Education Power Kit (High)


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This Character Education Kit is a great way to launch your high school character education efforts.

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 The High School Character Education Kit includes:
  • Relate & React Skit Book (276-Net)
  • Positive Words, Powerful Results (767-Net)
  • Higher Level Thinking Questions: Developing Character (A123-Net)
  • Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens (A161-Net)
  • Building Everyday Leadership in all Teens: Everyday Leadership Cards (B135-Net)
  • Object Lessons that Speak Louder than Words (A344-Net)
  • Teambuilding with Teens (A352-Net)
  • The Social Success Workbook for Teens (A666-Net)
  • Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness (B059-Net)
  • Our Future Generation & CD: 100+ Activities to Guide Adolescents Towards Making the World a Better Place (B442-Net)
  • Acts of Kindness Thumball (B967-Net)
  • Empathy Thumball (B357-Net)
  • Put-Ups (Not Put-Downs) Thumball (B805-Net)
  • Team Building Thumball (B591-Net)

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Audience: High (9-12)
Grade Level: 9-12
Format: Other
Topic: Character