Choose Kindness Cards

Choose Kindness Cards


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Includes 48 Cards, 4 Way to Play, Downloadable Kindness Checklist, 48 Earnable Kindness Keys, Certificates and More

One small act of kindness can change someone’s entire day. Kindness is a gift that you can give to others, or to yourself. It is simply an act of caring that you do to try to be helpful. You can give kindness to anyone, regardless of how different they may be from you. You can also show kindness toward other living things such as animals and plants, and to the environment. Don’t forget that you can also be kind to yourself by working to improve things about you.

The 48 cards included in this resource show and describe examples of 16 types of kindness toward others and self. These cards can help students better understand kindness and opportunities they can find daily to show more kindness.


  1. Look and Let’s Talk
  2. Choose and Share
  3. Earning ‘Keys to Kindness’
  4. School-wide ‘Keys to Kindness’

The 16 types of kindness acts depicted on the cards include kindness towards:

  1. Friends
  2. Others Near My Age
  3. Children
  4. Adults
  5. Elderly People
  6. Others Who Are Different from Me
  7. Adults in My School
  8. Animals
  9. The Environment
  10. Ensuring Safety
  11. My Health
  12. My Schoolwork
  13. My Conscience
  14. My Learning
  15. My Community
  16. My Responsibility
Author: Robert Bowman
Illustrator: Kay Kankins
Audience: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8)
Grade Level: 2-8
Format: Game
Page Number: 48 cards
ISBN: 9781598502435
Publisher: Youthlight
Language: English
Product Type: Game
Topic: Social & Life Skills

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