Cognitive Affective Therapy in a Bag Card Game

102 Kids Daily Dilemmas


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Cognitive Affective Therapy (CAT) In A Bag is an interactive game for students in grades 4 through 8. It encourages young people to make wise choices with dilemmas they may face any day. Three levels of situation intensity are presented on cards: mild (yellow), moderate (orange) and more intense (red).

Students take turns rolling the colored die and then choose a card with the matching color. The reader chooses one of the two situations presented on the card and describes what he/she would do. After discussion, the player then reaches into the bag and draws out one of the cat game pieces. If the cat matches the color of the card, the student chooses someone else to respond to the other situation on the card. Other fun challenges are presented if the die lands on a color that does not match the card decks. This engaging card game can be played in small groups or in classrooms.

This fun, interactive game encourages students to explore different choices and emotions associated with possible consequences. As they play, students learn important social skills, self-regulation insights and resiliency.


  • 51 Cards (17 Mild; 17 Moderate; 17 More Intense) – 2 dilemmas per card
  • Colored Die
  • 3 Cat Game Pieces
  • Instruction Booklet
Written by Robert Bowman, Susan Bowman
ISBN 9781598502633
Grades 4-8
51 Cards

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Youthlight, Inc.

Dr. Bowman started his career as a school teacher and school counselor. Since that time, he taught in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of South Carolina for more than 20 years and is currently an Emeritus Professor. He has authored numerous articles in professional journals and has written more than 24 books and programs that help troubled youth bring about positive changes in themselves and their peers. He is widely recognized for his distinctive contributions to the fields of mental health and education with an emphasis on developmental school counseling. He is especially known as a prolific creator of creative and insightful approaches and programs for helping young people. Today, Dr. Bowman continues his work as a collector of effective practices that work with youth when “all else fails.”

Dr. Bowman has conducted professional seminars, conference keynotes and/or motivational presentations in 42 of the United States and in Kenya, Canada, Belgium, England, Italy, West Germany, Puerto Rico, St. Marten, St. Thomas, and Malaysia.

Susan has worked as a social worker, and school counselor at the elementary, middle and high school levels. She has also worked as a counselor for incarcerated youth and started a non-profit, faith-based organization (Youth Hope Foundation) to help these young people. In 2005, the GED Testing Service awarded Susan with its highest honor, the Cornelius P. Turner Award, presented annually to a GED graduate who has made outstanding contributions to society in education or public, or social service. The award is named for Cornelius P. Turner, the founder of the GED Testing Program.

Susan has written 20 books and has led professional seminars throughout the U.S. and abroad on topics such as mentoring, challenging adolescents and self-injury. Susan’s remarkable life-story has been an encouragement to young people and professionals. She ran away from home at age 14. By age 19, she was divorced, on welfare and the mother of three children. Yet, with only a 7th grade education, a mentor encouraged her to pursue her education and she eventually earned a GED, then a BA degree, and finally an Ed.S. degree in counseling. Her experience as a runaway and teen mom has helped her to reach some of the most distraught youth in juvenile detention facilities.


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