Counselor Power Kit (Elementary)

Counselor Power Kit (Elementary)


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If you’re just getting started, or need to update your reference library, our Counselor Resource Kit contains a selection of resources covering a variety of topics that can help you on a daily basis.

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Elementary Counselor Resource Kit includes:

  • It’s Hard to be a Verb! (A444-Net)
  • Getting Yourself Together When Your Family Comes Apart (407-Net)
  • Character & Career Connection (408-Net)
  • Tyler Tames the Testing Tiger (696-Net)
  • ADHD: 102 Practical Strategies for Reducing the Deficit (761-Net)
  • Understanding & Addressing Children’s Grief Issues (A283-Net)
  • SMART Guidance: Multi-Topic Lessons CD: VOLUME 1 (B345-Net)
  • My Feeling Better Workbook (A889-Net)
  • Lost and Found: Rescuing Our Children and Youth from Video, Screen, Technology and Gaming Addiction (B405-Net)
  • But It’s Just a Game (B407-Net)
  • The Wumblers: Fear and Worry DVD (A501D-Net)

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Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: K-5
Format: Other
Topic: General Counseling