Creative Approaches for Counseling Individual Children in the School Setting

Includes Digital Resources!


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This book provides 100+ creative activities for helping the child and the problem. In individual counseling with children we need to connect with the child gather information about the child and their needs explore the problem implement and create a plan together and then assess if the plan is working. Various contact forms referrals feedback forms and information gathering activities are included along with activities to assist in understanding and dealing with the problem. In addition creative activities are shared to deal with specific problem areas of:

  • Feelings
  • Self-Concept
  • Friendship
  • Academic Support
  • Behavior
  • Divorce
  • Death

The digital files include all of the reproducible worksheets from the book.

Written by Diane Senn
Paperback ISBN 9781598500110
Grades K-6
234 pages
Release Date January 2, 2006

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