Face Your Fear Social: Anxiety Improv Cards


SKU: D207-Net

This card deck is meant to be used in a group setting. Each group session will consist of drawing a “Warm-Up Exercise” card and then a “Scenario” card. Each scenario card will consist of an improv strategy challenge as well as pre and post scenario discussion questions.

Acting and engaging in improv exercises can be a really fun way for individuals with social anxiety to step out of their shells and work through dreaded situations through a cognitive-behavioral lens. Throughout this group, individuals will be able to understand how negative self-talk affects our feelings and actions. Unfortunately, many adolescents with social anxiety choose to avoid feared social situations which only continues to feed their anxiety and fulfill their negative core belief that they are not worthy of friends. This card game serves as a helpful tool for individuals to face their fears and identify positive coping skills to alleviate their anxiety.

Created by Amanda Winter
Grades 6-12

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