Freddie the Fly Set


Freddie the Fly Set


A 5 Book Set

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Freddie the Fly is known for buzzing about! He loves to talk and talk and occasionally forgets to listen. He struggles with understanding that, sometimes, people don’t always say what they mean and that it is important to think before you speak. Freddie’s friend Betsy must practice how to stop anxiety in its tracks from her constant companion – an annoying worry bug!

These colorful stories help teach students in grades K through 5 very valuable but sometimes difficult lessons!

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  • Freddie the Fly: Bee On, Buzz Off (D305)
  • Freddie the Fly: Connecting the Dots (D304)
  • Freddie the Fly: Motormouth (D303)
  • Freddie the Fly: Truth or Care (D302)
  • Freddie and Friends: Becoming Unstuck (D306)
Author: Kimberly Delude
Illustrator: Brian Martin
Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: K-5
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 32
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Language: English
Product Type: Storybook
Topic: Social & Life Skills

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