Get Your Group On (Volume 2)

Multi-Topic Small Group Counseling Guides

Includes Digital Resources!


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Get Your Group On (Vol. 2) provides you with a dynamic set of guides for implementing three topic-based small groups with students in grades 6-12. This book was especially created for middle and high schools, but modifications are included so that it can also be used with upper elementary children.

Curricula and reproducible sheets are provided to help you lead groups on the following topics:

  1. From Grief to Relief: Mindfulness & Healthy Coping
  2. The Goal Getters: Success Building for Struggling Students
  3. The Unstressables: Stress & Anxiety Management

Each group guide gives you everything you will need to conduct 8 personally rewarding, unforgettable group sessions on that topic. Sessions are planned for 50-60 minutes each, though that can vary if needed. Additional extension activities are also provided so that any of these groups could be easily expanded. These include supplemental games, art projects, role plays, relaxation strategies, and activities that can be utilized to add up to 20 more sessions.

This book is suitable to use in both school and clinical settings and includes:

  • A recommendation guide with best practice techniques and counseling theory
  • 24 group counseling session plans
  • An additional activities section with up to 20 more session activities
  • A parent permission letter
  • Data templates for analyzing student/client progress, including pre/posttests
  • Templates for session notes
  • Group rules
  • Weekly group evaluations
  • Informational passages
  • And more!
Written by Stephanie Lerner
Paperback ISBN 9781598502251
Grades 3-12
144 pages
Release Date April 1, 2018

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Youthlight, Inc.

Stephanie Lerner is a Johns Hopkins University-trained school counselor. She holds a BS in elementary education and an MS in counseling. With more than 20 years in both public and private education, she has Texas certifications in school counseling and bilingual/Spanish education. After traveling the world and teaching ESL/EFL in such far-off places as Mozambique and Bolivia, Stephanie came home to be a bilingual school counselor in Texas. She is also an adjunct instructor of school counseling at Angelo State University. When she’s not writing, presenting, teaching, or counseling, she enjoys the ranch life with her husband and their menagerie of pets.

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