Groark Learns About Prejudice DVD


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This delightful video series teaches young children valuable lessons that will help them get along well, work out conflicts fairly and peacefully, and treat each other with respect. Funny, entertaining, and emotionally engaging, these videos combine puppetry, real children, music, and fanciful visual elements – a sure hit with young kids. Each video comes in both Spanish and English.

In each episode, Groark, an affable, childlike dragon, gets into a tense situation with some of his friends. After he discusses the problem with his adult companion (ventriloquist Randel McGee) and a group of real elementary school children, he applies what he has learned and succeeds in bringing about a peaceful, positive resolution.

Groark Learns about PREJUDICE

Groark and his friends are planning a party. Burna convinces the others not to invite the new kid in school because he is “different.” But when Groark learns that Burna doesn’t even know the new kid, he turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in prejudice. They discuss how people sometimes treat others unfairly because of size, age, gender, race, ethnicity and national origin, and why it’s important not to pre-judge people. Groark takes this lesson in prejudice back to his friends and they decide to invite the new kid.

Grades K-5
Audio Book Running Time: 26-29 minutes
Release Date January 1, 2010

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2 in stock

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