Guiding Girls Toward Greatness

15 Pillar-Based Lessons To Empower Girls

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15 Pillar-Based Lessons to Empower Girls is a practical resource is designed to help counselors, educators, and other school staff teach important life lessons to girls at the upper elementary and secondary levels. The activities are divided into three pillars that focus on teaching young women the importance of leadership skills, self-esteem building, and community building. Designed for easy use, the 15 lessons can be taught individually or used as a complete curriculum and are designed for use with small-group counseling, as classroom lessons, after-school programs, or as a school-wide girls’ program. Each lesson includes:

  • Identified Skills and Goals – Objectives outline the specific skills students will learn.
  • Icebreaker – A motivating opener is included to jumpstart each new topic.
  • Presentation – Engaging and interactive activities are provided for each lesson.
  • Assessment – A closing activity measures new learning at the conclusion of each lesson.

This award-winning program provides a systematic method of teaching positive and impactful lessons to young women.

Digital link offers the book’s reproducible pages in an easy-to-print or display PDF format.

Written by Melanie Martin
Paperback ISBN 9781575432557
Grades 5-12
88 pages
Release Date January 1, 2012

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