Help Educators Take a Bite Out of Bullying

200+ Ready-to-Use Reproducible Activity Sheets

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More than 200 reproducible activities make this book the most comprehensive activity sheet collection on bullying you’ll find anywhere, including:

  • Surveys
  • Bullying Facts
  • Strategies to Lessen or End Bullying
  • Taking Care of Yourself

Use this program with an existing anti-bullying program, as an independent anti-bullying program, or to reinforce previous lessons. From the large selection of activities, choose those most relevant to and useful for your students. Based on empirical research, this book zeros in on areas where most bullying takes place, identifies what and whom bullies target, describes the efficacy of bystander intervention, and much more.

Translating research findings into familiar language presented in an enjoyable and therapeutic format, it enables leaders to help students relate to pertinent facts. Includes ASCA Standards and CD featuring color or black and white PDF files of each worksheet.


The author, Phyllis Kaufman Goodstein, a school social worker in New York City and Long Island, has been an advocate for bullied middle-school children for over a decade. The material has been used in small-group counseling and individual counseling in Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. Ms. Goodstein read more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in professional journals to gain knowledge as to where most bullying takes place, with actual percentages of the most-common sites. The sections on why bullies bully, what kind of children they target, and the effectiveness of bystander intervention is based on research translated into age-appropriate language presented in a fun and therapeutic format. Based on empirical research this book provides a wealth of reproducible activities, informational sheets, and includes a detailed reference section.

Written by Phyllis Goodstein
Paperback ISBN 9781575431604
Grades 3-8
272 pages

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Phyllis Kaufman Goodstein, LMSW, is an anti-bullying advocate, social worker, writer, and magician. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her husband Arnie, sons Eric and Steven, and dogs Bandit and Chewy. Phyllis is the author of 200+ Ready-to-Use Reproducible Activity Sheets That Help Educators Take a Bite Out of Bullying.

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