How Did You Miss That?

A Story About Teaching Self-Monitoring


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When he rushes home after an exhausting night of baseball, the last thing Braden wants to hear is Mom and Dad harping about everything he must finish on his to-do list. Of course, they wouldn’t be on his case if he actually paid attention and did what he needed to do. From chores at home to questions on a quiz, Braden never checks his work for mistakes or to see if he missed anything. Is there a solution to his sloppiness? Yes… but will Braden be willing to try it? Can he become a master of self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring can be challenging to understand for children and skills such as completing work accurately and completely, staying on task, following instructions the first time, waiting to be called on, and getting the teacher’s attention appropriately can be challenging to master. Award-winning author, happy father, and popular school counselor Bryan Smith highlights the importance of slowing down, being accurate, and double-checking one’s work in the seventh picture book of the Executive FUNction series, written for students in grades K through 5. Tips for parents and educators are included at the end of the story to help children develop their abilities to self-monitor.

Written by Bryan Smit
Illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin
Paperback ISBN 9781944882457
Grades K-5
31 pages
Release Date October 8, 2019

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Bryan Smith comes from a family of educators. He has worked in education for the past 22 years. Bryan began his career as an elementary school teacher before realizing he had a passion for helping children deal with difficult issues. He has since spent 17 years as an elementary school counselor, where he teaches students life skills that will help them succeed. Through his writing, Bryan hopes to motivate, educate and inspire children. His stories address topics like sportsmanship, executive functions, self-control and self acceptance. When he isn’t working as a school counselor or writing, Bryan enjoys coaching his two boys in baseball.

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