How to Create a College Day

and Other College Readiness Activities

Includes Digital Resources!


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School counselors often focus on teaching career awareness, but what about the training prior to a career? How about establishing a College Day!? Kids of all ages love to learn about the possibilities ahead of them whether it is vocational school or a four-year university. This resource will walk you through creating a round-robin of speakers, implementing lessons, providing worksheets and many other activities. It includes:

  • Templates for Letter/Forms
  • PowerPoints to Teach Lessons
  • Craft Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Word Puzzles, Crosswords
  • Bulletin Board/Door Decorating Ideas
  • Step by Step Guide and Timeline for Creating a College Day
  • Brief Articles (written about different aspects of post high school options)

Includes digital files with PowerPoint Presentations and Reproducibles.

Written by Lisa King
Paperback ISBN 9781598501742
Grades 3-8
134 pages
Release Date March 1, 2015

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Youthlight, Inc.

Lisa King has worked as a school counselor, helping students develop and use innovative practices, for 20 years. She is a national speaker, author of six books on career readiness and growth mindset, and presented her programs at local, state, and national conferences. Lisa has authored six books about career readiness and growth mindset. Lisa attended Tufts University for her undergraduate degree and Georgia State University for her graduate degrees. She lives in Marietta, GA. with her husband and daughter.

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