How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up DVD


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When procrastinators, Jack and Skye are suddenly thrown from Trevor’s sketchbook into the Amazon jungle, they begin to see their assignment in a whole new light. If they don’t break the “Curse of the Golden Goat,” Skye is doomed to remain a hairy goat-girl forever! Their only chance of making it back home is to show Trevor they’ve learned valuable study skills and can finish their homework, without throwing up.

A student frustrated with studying or completing homework assignments may quickly fall behind in class or lose interest in virtual learning or in-person studies at school. As an educator, counselor and adult, you are aware of the impact that homework anxiety can have on a student’s academic performance in the classroom. This fun and engaging live-action animation help students understand their own feelings, empower them with tools to proactively cope with those feelings, and conquer unnecessary stress. Plus, this movie offers students to develop better student skills, build self-confidence and encourage strong academic performance.


  • An interview with Trevor Romain
  • Trevor Live on Homework for Students
  • Trevor Live on Homework for Educators
  • Spanish Language Track and Subtitles
  • “Finish Line” Music & Karaoke Videos
Written by Trevor Romain
ISBN 9781934365083
Grades 1-6
30 minutes
Release Date April 29, 2008

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Trevor Romain is an award-winning author and illustrator as well as a sought-after motivational speaker. His books have sold more than a million copies and been published in eighteen languages. For more than twenty years, Trevor has traveled the world, speaking to thousands of school-age children. Trevor is well known for his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the United Nations, UNICEF, the USO, and the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, which he co-founded. Stay in touch with Trevor by subscribing to the Trevor Romain Company’s monthly newsletter or by following the Trevor Romain Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Trevor lives in Austin, Texas.

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