In a Jar: Chill Skills

In a Jar: Chill Skills


Anger Management Tips for Teens

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Unique, engaging topics for all ages, these go-anywhere and easy-to-use jars make learning fun, portable, and spontaneous. Enjoy the games and cards alone or with others at home, at school, at childcare, in the office, while traveling, at parties, in youth groups, and at camp.

Deal positively with your anger and maintain respectful relationships. Use Chill Skills In a Jar to promote group discussions about healthy ways to deal with anger. Individuals can also use the cards to learn calming strategies for tense or difficult situations.

The four different kinds of cards are:

  • What Would You Do? cards: These cards present difficult scenarios. You’re asked to imagine yourself in tense situations and provide answers for how you’d respond.
  • Tips! cards: Here’s advice for positive actions you can take when you feel angry.
  • Share cards: These cards encourage you to share personal stories about how you deal with anger.
  • Act It Out! cards: You’re again asked to provide positive ways to deal with anger. This time, you act them out (sometimes with a friend).

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Audience: Middle (6-8), High (9-12)
Age Range: 12 and Up
Format: Game
ISBN: 9781575423609
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Language: English
Product Type: Game
Topic: Anger, Group Counseling, Mindfulness & Brain-Based

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