Instant Help for Kids Set


Instant Help for Kids Set

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An 12 Book Set

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In a constantly changing world, young people need resources for mental health issues more than ever before. Founded by renowned child psychologist Lawrence Shapiro, Instant Help Books offers fun and easy-to-use workbooks to teach children and teens effective skills for dealing with a variety of mental health issues and life challenges. Whether they are dealing with depression, anxiety, bullying, or any traumatic experience, these evidence-based self-help books will provide children and teens with the tools they need to thrive—at home, in the classroom, and beyond.

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  • Getting Through My Parents Divorce (B578-Net)
  • I Bet I Won’t Fret (A885-Net)
  • I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Mad (A886-Net)
  • Learning to Listen, Learning to Care (A887-Net)
  • Let’s Be Friends (A888-Net)
  • My Feeling Better Workbook (A889-Net)
  • The ADHD Workbook for Kids (A767-Net)
  • The Anxiety Workbook for Kids (B777-Net)
  • The Divorce Workbook for Children (A743-Net)
  • The OCD Workbook for Kids (B965-Net)
  • The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (A892-Net)
  • Why Did You Die? (A890-Net)
Author: Various Authors
Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: 2-5
Age Range: 6-12
Format: Paperback
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Language: English
Product Type: Workbook
Topic: Anxiety, Divorce, General Counseling, Grief & Depression, Learning Disabilities

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