Kimochi Picture Book Set


Kimochi Picture Book Set


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Do you already own the Kimochis… Toys with Feelings? Then these picture books will make a great addition to your home or classroom.

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  • Bug Makes A Splash (B057)
  • Cloud’s Best Worst Day Ever (B058)
  • Cat’s Not So Perfect Sandcastle (B317)
  • Hero’s Big Adventure (D355)
  • Huggtopus Makes Way for Play (B818)
Author: Amy Novesky
Illustrator: Hanako Wakiyama
Audience: Pre-School (PK), Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: PK-3
Format: Hardcover
Page Number: 32 each
Publisher: Plushy Feely Corporation
Language: English
Product Type: Storybook
Topic: Character, General Counseling, Social & Life Skills
  • Kimochis Bug Makes a Splash

    3 in stock

  • Kimochis Cloud's Best Worst Day Ever

    6 in stock

  • Kimochis Cat's Not-So-Perfect Sandcastle

    5 in stock

  • Kimochis Huggtopus Makes Way for Play

    3 in stock

  • Kimochis Hero's Big Adventure

    4 in stock

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