Kimochis Bella Rose

Toys With Feelings Inside

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What are Kimochis? On the surface, they are a family of cuddly critters and a big bowl of emotions. Underneath, they are a proven system for helping kids grow and transform by dealing skillfully with their feelings.

Kimochis help kids feel happy, safe, confident, compassionate and successful. They help them establish and sustain strong friendships and get along with each other. Kimochis help kids become resilient, especially during these trying times.</p

Bella Rose helps kids learn how to:

  • Be compassionate and empathetic
  • Share true feelings
  • Avoid “masking” feelings with hurtful actions


  1. 13” plush character in a canvas bag
  2. The 3 Feelings (Happy, Sensitive, Insecure) can be stored in the pocket in Bella Rose’s dress or in her petals
  3. The included 64-page Feel Guide comes with fun and easy activities
Grades PK-3
Release Date May 1, 2011

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4 in stock

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