Kimochis Hero

Toys With Feelings Inside


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What are Kimochis? On the surface, they are a family of cuddly critters and a big bowl of emotions. Underneath, they are a proven system for helping kids grow and transform by dealing skillfully with their feelings.

Kimochis help kids feel happy, safe, confident, compassionate and successful. They help them establish and sustain strong friendships and get along with each other. Kimochis help kids become resilient, especially during these trying times.

Hero is a service dog and the natural leader in the Kimochis pack. He is protective, loyal, a bit aggressive, and always up for an adventure. Like many dogs, Hero gets distracted by certain smells, excited by noises, and overly protective when he senses danger. When Hero gets a little nervous and impatient, he tends to bark out commands that usually startle his friends. Hero needs to learn that even though his bark might be worse than his bite, finding a gentler tone of voice will always guide him where he wants to go a lot faster with his friends and family. Hero’s favorite color is blue and his favorite number is 1.

Grades PK-3
Release Date May 1, 2011

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