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This unique program will help students to understand what it means to be a student, why being a student is important, and how being a student now can affect the rest of their lives. As students complete the reproducible workbook, they can discuss, personalize, and explore the many aspects of being a student. The booklet is divided into three sections:

In the first section, I Am a Student, students personalize their booklets by writing their name, age, school name, and what jobs they may like to do when they are older.

Section Two, School Subjects, gives the leader and the students an opportunity to look closely at specific academic subjects and learn why the skills taught in those subjects are important to their future success. There is also an opportunity for students to express what they would like to learn.

In the third section, People Who Work At the Same Place As Me,students take a closer look at the jobs of some of the adults who work at their school and explore why each person’s job is important and deserves respect.

The CD includes PDF files of the 54-page colorful, reproducible student booklet; pre- and post-test; plus six printable 11 X 17 posters. Level 1 Whiteboard compatible.

Written by Arden Martenz
Paperback ISBN 9781575432953
Grades 2-4
64 pages
Release Date January 1, 2014

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7 in stock

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