Mind Your Mindset CD

Teaching a Positive, Can-Do Mindset


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Mind Your Mindset will help your students unlock the power of a positive, growth-focused mindset as they accomplish difficult tasks and achieve challenging goals!

With the 10 exciting, engaging, and developmentally appropriate lessons, you can offer your students a groundbreaking growth mindset curriculum – the first of its kind! Highly interactive games, animated sequences, and thought-provoking scenarios help your students develop and maintain a positive, can-do mindset as they explore the power of mindset through these lesson topics:

  • Lesson One: An Introduction to Mindset
  • Lesson Two: Where Do Mindsets Come From?
  • Lesson Three: Developing a Positive, Can Do Mindset
  • Lesson Four: Developing the Mindset of a Successful Learner
  • Lesson Five: Perfecting Your Goal Setting Mindset
  • Lesson Six: The Role of Effort and Practice
  • Lesson Seven: The Thoughts We Think, The Words We Say
  • Lesson Eight: Your Mindset and Bullying
  • Lesson Nine: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – How Your Mindset Can Help!
  • Lesson Ten: Conflicts and Problems – Use Your Mindset!
Created by Will Moody
ISBN 9781598502182
Grades K-6
Release Date January 1, 2017

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