More Classroom Guidance from A to Z

26 Easy-To-Use Lessons

Includes Digital Resources!


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One of the most effective ways to reach a majority of students is through classroom guidance lessons. The lessons and bonus activities offered in More Classroom Guidance From A-Z are easy-to-present and help students with academic, career, and social development. Classroom guidance lessons provide students with support, present relevant information, and teach essential life-skills. And along with providing support, the counselor receives the benefit of building relationships with students.

This book, packed with extras, is designed to help make your counseling job easier. The 45-60 minute-long lessons are interactive, motivating, and effective, and each lesson includes downloadable digital content for the reproducible student handouts, printable mini posters, and bonus review activities, quizzes or games.

he lessons follow the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success Model, which are listed at the beginning of each lesson.

Have fun presenting these creative lessons written by one of our most popular authors, Becky Kirby, and have fun with your students!


A – Accepting & Giving Constructive Criticism
B – Body Language
C – Cyberbullying
D – Demonstrating Good Sportsmanship
E – Encouraging Empathy
F – Focus on Families
G – Grow Gratitude
H – Homework
I – Including Others
J – Journaling
K – Kindness Matters
L – Listening Skills
M – Mindfulness
N – New Students – Welcome
O – Owning Your Behavior
P – Positive Self-Talk
Q – Quality Work
R – Resisting Peer Pressure
S – Self-Image
T – Tenacity & Grit
U – Use Time Wisely
V – Vigilance – Be Alert!
W – Ways to Well-Being
X – Executive Functioning
– You – The One & Only You
– Zest


  • 75+ Printable Mini Posters
  • Powerpoint* Quizzes and Games including:
    • Cyberbullying: Reveal the Hidden Message Game
    • Guess the Phrase Game: Demonstrating Good Sportsmanship
    • Spin the Gratitude Wheel
    • Classroom Clash: Homework
    • Guess the Phrase Game: Including Others
    • Classroom Clash: Journaling
    • Spin the Kindness Wheel
    • Listening Skills Quiz Show
    • Listening Skills: Reveal the Hidden Message Game
    • Guess the Phrase Game: Mindfulness
    • Spin the Positive Vibes Wheel
    • Quality Work Memory Match Game
    • Guess the Phrase Game: Peer Pressure
    • Shine Like the Stars! Memory Match Game
    • Time Management: Reveal the Hidden Message Game
    • Executive Functioning Quiz Show … and more!
  • Fun games including:
    • Accepting & Giving Constructive Criticism Ping Pong Ball Game
    • Having a “Ball” Together
    • Positive Vibes Ping Pong Ball Game
    • Bullseye! Resisting Peer Pressure Game
    • Tenacity & Grit! What’s the Missing Word? Matching Game
    • Choosing Vigilance Game
    • Well-Being Around the World … and more!
  • 9 Printable Bingo Games:
    • Body Language Bingo
    • Cyberbullying Bingo
    • Good Sportsmanship Bingo
    • Empathy Bingo
    • Focus on Families Bingo
    • Gratitude Bingo
    • Welcome New Student Bingo
    • Quality Work Bingo
    • Be Vigilant Bingo
  • Plus numerous reproducible student handouts! Gratitude Cube, Homework Crossword Puzzle, My 35 Day Journaling Challenge, Bee Kind Word Search, Keys to Good Listening, Listening Skills Word Search, Finger Labyrinth, Quality Work Self-Evaluation Checklist, Tenacity & Grit Crossword Puzzle, Five Dimensions of Well-being, Executive Functioning Crossword Puzzle, One and Only You! Fortune Teller, and many more!

*Note: The quizzes and many of the games require the ability to display and run a Microsoft PowerPoint™ show (.ppsx). For users who have PowerPoint 2010 and earlier, it is possible to open .ppsx files only with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed in the computers. Newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint do not require the compatibility pack.

Written by Becky Kirby
Paperback ISBN 9781575433257
Grades 5-8
184 pages
Release Date January 1, 2020

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