Mrs. Joyce Gives the Best High-Fives

Mrs. Joyce Gives the Best High-Fives


Introducing the School Counselor

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Mrs. Joyce, the school counselor at Emerson Elementary, uses high-fives to connect with her students. When Raymond moves to town he’s not sure what to think of Mrs. Joyce. He enters her office nervous and full of questions, but it does not take long for him to trust the caring counselor. By learning exactly what a school counselor does, Raymond finds he has nothing to fear and much to gain from friendly Mrs. Joyce.

Building relationships is one of the primary jobs of a school counselor. Whether it’s giving a high-five, a thumbs-up, a fist-bump, handshake, or a hug, finding away connect with students is vital. Mrs. Joyce gives the best high fives is a fun-loving story that explains the important role of the school counselor.

Author: Erainna Winnett
Illustrator: Somnath Chatterjee
Audience: Pre-School (PK), Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: PK-3
Age Range: 5-8
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 34
ISBN: 9780615907789
Release Date: December 19, 2013
Language: English
Product Type: Storybook
Topic: General Counseling