My Day is Ruined!

A Story for Teaching Flexible Thinking


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Kids who have trouble adjusting to the unexpected and tend to overreact, can learn four steps for achieving flexible thinking in this story. Learning how to react appropriately to challenging situations is an important executive function skill for students in grades K through 5.

Braden was so excited for his upcoming championship baseball game! The night before he dreams of that moment… THE moment… the oohs and ahhs of the crowd as he scores the game-winning run! But imagine his surprise when he woke up to pouring rain… and NO GAME! A cancelled game, coupled with some events at school that don’t go his way, send Braden on an overreaction tailspin! It seems no matter how small the setback, Braden lets disappointment ruin his mood and his day.

But with Mom’s help and the support of a good teacher, Braden learns four steps for flexible thinking, a sure-fire way to meet tough challenges!

Enjoy the second book in Bryan Smith’s Executive FUNction book series with K through 5 students and watch their eyes light up as they giggle and make connections to learning how to avoid overreacting by practicing the four steps of flexible thinking. Tips for parents and educators are included at the end of the story to help children learn to manage their emotions.

Written by Bryan Smith
Illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin
Paperback ISBN 9781944882044
Grades K-5
31 pages
Release Date September 1, 2016

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Boys Town Press

Bryan Smith comes from a family of educators. He has worked in education for the past 22 years. Bryan began his career as an elementary school teacher before realizing he had a passion for helping children deal with difficult issues. He has since spent 17 years as an elementary school counselor, where he teaches students life skills that will help them succeed. Through his writing, Bryan hopes to motivate, educate and inspire children. His stories address topics like sportsmanship, executive functions, self-control and self acceptance. When he isn’t working as a school counselor or writing, Bryan enjoys coaching his two boys in baseball.

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