Pause Power

Learning to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected when your Buttons get Pushed


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Uh-oh! Gabe is losing it again. See all those big, bright buttons popping up all over his body? They come out whenever someone or some situation gets under his skin. And they pop up ALL. THE. TIME. Push his button and Gabe starts fighting. Push that button and Gabe starts yelling. Push any button, and Gabe overreacts, gets mad, makes poor choices and lands in trouble. What he really needs is a reset button!

In this clever tale from school counselor and debut author Jennifer Law, young readers learn how to useĀ PAUSE POWER to reset their mindset, calm down, stop losing control, and prevent anger when others push their buttons. It’s a great lesson and fun read for students in grades K through 6. Tips for parents and educators to help children managing their emotions when they become angry and to raise self-awareness in themselves are included at the end of the picture book.

Written by Jennifer Law
Illustrated by Brian Martin
Paperback ISBN 9781944882495
Grades K-6
31 pages
Release Date February 4, 2020

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Boys Town Press

Jennifer Law is an elementary school counselor in Iowa with more than 15 years of experience! Jennifer loves that her role allows her the opportunity to watch students grow from kindergarteners to 5th graders. Her work with students struggling to handle feelings of anger inspired her to write her first book, Pause Power.

Through her work as a school counselor, she knows that using stories to teach children is a great way for kids to learn the skill of pausing before they react. The choices children make matter because children matter.

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