Peacemaking with Amanda the Peacemaker Panda CD

Interactive Lessons for Digital White Boards and Computers

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The popular SMART Guidanceā„¢ series returns in a new, more compact format designed to be quick, convenient, and easy for school counselors or teachers to use!

Amanda the Peacemaker Panda teaches students about conflict, including what causes it and how to use a simple conflict resolution model. Students also learn how communication problems, including misunderstandings and miscommunication, can lead to conflicts and a valuable lesson about how to resolve conflicts with adults!

The exciting animated sequences and interactive games of other SMART Guidanceā„¢ products returns in Amanda the Peacemaker Panda, but with shorter lessons that are simpler to deliver. The six lessons include:

  • What is Conflict and What is Peace?
  • How and Why Do Conflicts Happen?
  • Using Caring Communication during a Conflict
  • Using a Simple Conflict Resolution Model
  • How to Handle a Conflict with an Adult
  • Welcome to the Peacemaker Fair!
Created by Will Moody
ISBN 9781598502305
Grades K-6
Release Date January 1, 2017

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