Rest to Recharge

A Story about the Importance of Sleep


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Gabe is a night owl, who pays the price every morning.

Rather than get all the nighttime sleep he needs to keep his body healthy and mind alert, Gabe stays awake into the wee hours playing games and watching videos. Now, it’s taking a toll. He nods off during class, he’s sluggish on the soccer field, and he’s an all-around grouch. His energy is zapped, like a battery about to die.

To help her son get much-needed shuteye, Mom lays down the law – Gabe cannot use or access any electronics between bedtime and morning breakfast. But when Gabe breaks the rule on night one, his alarm clock, named Buzz, comes to life. Buzz reminds Gabe he should be sleeping, not playing, and promises Gabe he’ll feel better, think better, and perform better if he just relaxes and rests.

Will Gabe really listen to a talking clock, and will he stick to Mom’s rule? Or will he choose more sleepless nights and exhausted days?

Rest to Recharge offers a light-hearted look at a serious issue – the power of sleep and its ability to heal, rejuvenate, and energize the body and the mind! A special tips page written specifically for adults offers suggestions on how to help children develop better sleep habits.

Written by Jennifer Law
Illustrated by Brian Martin
Paperback ISBN 9781944882914
Grades K-5
31 pages
Release Date May 14, 2022

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Boys Town Press

Jennifer Law is an elementary school counselor in Iowa with more than 15 years of experience! Jennifer loves that her role allows her the opportunity to watch students grow from kindergarteners to 5th graders. Her work with students struggling to handle feelings of anger inspired her to write her first book, Pause Power.

Through her work as a school counselor, she knows that using stories to teach children is a great way for kids to learn the skill of pausing before they react. The choices children make matter because children matter.

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