Ricky Sticky Fingers

A Picture Book About Stealing


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Meet Ricky! A cute little boy that just can’t seem to figure out that stealing is wrong:

When I see something that I really want,
I think, “Hey, that could be mine!”
So I look both ways, reach out my hand,
and take it at just the right time.

If I ever get caught, I just pretend
that it wasn’t me that took it.
A quick little lie is just what I need,
and lying helps me get through it!

Taking things that I want to have
at times can be very tricky.
But there’s no way that I can help myself,
because all of my fingers are sticky!

Ricky learns first-hand what it feels like to have something stolen from him. Then he uses the “GOOD” inside of himself to overtake the “BAD” and returns the items that he took from others.

Finally, a book that confronts the issue of stealing and offers a strategy to curb the desire to steal! Through a fun and whimsical story, children will learn the concept of ownership and how it feels when someone doesn’t respect what is yours. This book uses empathy in a powerful way to teach children that stealing is wrong.

Written by Julia Cook
Illustrated by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde
Paperback ISBN 9781937870089
Grades K-6
32 pages
Release Date August 15, 2012

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National Center for Youth Issues

Julia Cook, M.S. is a award-winning children’s author, counselor, and parenting expert. She has presented in thousands of schools and speaks at education and counseling conferences nationally and internationally. Julia has published almost one hundred children’s books on a wide range of character and social development topics, and regularly contributes to print and television media about these topics. The goal behind Cook’s work is to actively involve young people in fun, memorable stories and teach them to become lifelong problem-solvers. Inspiration for her books comes from working with children and carefully listening to counselors, parents, and teachers, in order to stay on top of needs in the classroom and at home. Cook has the innate ability to enter the worldview of a child through storybooks, giving children both the “what to say” and the “how to say it.”

In our impulse driven “gotta have it NOW” society, some children may struggle with the concept of right and wrong. Julia’s engaging story, Ricky Sticky Fingers, confronts this struggle and delivers an important lesson that children, parents, and teachers will relate to and learn from.

Detective Joyce Henke
Law Enforcement

Author Julia Cook, has an incredible gift of writing books for children! Children will quickly learn through Ricky how to take the stickiness out of lying and stealing by modeling ways of being honest and respectful towards others and their belongings, and by making things right. Ricky Sticky Fingers should certainly find it’s way onto your bookshelf if you’re a Parent, School Counselor, Teacher, Social Worker, Psychologist, and/or Pediatrician.

Erin E. Bowden, M.S.
School Counselor


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