SMART Guidance CD (Volume 1)

Multi-Topic Lessons for Digital White Boards and Computers


SKU: B345-Net

Get ready to energize excite and engage your students for learning with these 10 SMART GUIDANCE lessons. The interactive, topic-based lessons can be used onĀ interactive white boards and computers and include:

  • Where Do Feelings Come From?
  • Umbrella of Self-Confidence
  • True Friends Are Treasures
  • Become Wise to Bully Behavior
  • Problem Solving with the STOP THINK and DO Method
  • Get in the Game with Good Sportsmanship
  • Let’s Get Organized!
  • Use your T.O.E.S. To Help with Homework!
  • Setting Goals for Success
  • The Road to Your Future Starts Now

Included on the CD are flash-based, interactive lessons along with a downloadable facilitator’s lesson plan guide and follow-up reproducibles. Get ready, set and engaged for learning!

Written by Diane Senn
Created by Will Moody
ISBN 9781598501148
Grades K-6
Release Date January 1, 2017

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