Snoots Toots Board Game

A Kid's Game of Empathy and Manners


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Snoots Toots! A Kids Game of Empathy and Manners is an amazingly awesome therapeutic board game from Dr. Poppy Moon’s Imagucation Creation Workshop! Kids ages 6-12 will role-play their way through a variety of situations requiring manners and empathy skills. Whether they are acting out a behavior showing proper conduct telling about a situation or imagining a feeling kids will be learning skills that are critical to social and emotional development. Simple setup and easy instructions make Snoots Toots! A Kids Game of Empathy and Manners the perfect game for individual small group and classroom guidance!

Written by Poppy Moon
ISBN 9781598500691
Grades K-5
2-6 Players

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Youthlight, Inc.

Dr. Moon is an accomplished author and illustrator of guidance-related games, books, and DVDs. Operation Breaking the Boy Code & Operation Breaking the Girl Code, Operation Breaking the Middle School Code, Kicky the Mean Chick, How to Be a Bully – NOT!, and Good Friends/Bad Friends & How to Know the Difference are just some of her creations. Dr. Moon was thrilled to receive a Mom’s Choice Gold Award for the book she both wrote and illustrated, The School with No Rules. Two other books she illustrated, Brad Takes a Bite Out of Meanness and Princess Priscilla and the Bully Bee Day both received Mom’s Choice Silver Awards. Her first game, Snoots Toots! A Kids Guide to Empathy & Manners, received a Dr. Toy Best Game Award. Youthlight is the publisher of her products. She believes that her goal in life is to help counselors be better counselors. She says, “There is magic in what we do. We change lives.”

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