Sooper Puppy DVD: That’s Trouble


Sooper Puppy DVD: That’s Trouble

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Avoiding trouble means knowing how to think ahead to avoid it. In this program, Baxter gets carried away while playing with his friends and lands in trouble. He learns the hard way that digging up the vegetable garden and neglecting his watchdog duties can get him in trouble. Thanks to Grandpaw’s advice, Baxter learns to think ahead, so if a situation looks like trouble, he can do something else instead. Baxter not only succeeds in avoiding a bad situation and resisting peer pressure, but helps friends avoid trouble, too. “Handling peer pressure isn’t so hard after all, as watchdog Baxter learns from listening to Grandpaw’s stories in this winsome puppet presentation.” — Booklist. “Useful and
entertaining.” — School Library Journal.

Part of the Sooper Puppy series, featuring Baxter, a charming little dog that children find lovable and laughable. Baxter looks at the world the same way a young child does, with wonder, enthusiasm, some apprehension — and just a little mischievousness. He’s the trusted friend your students or your children need to introduce them to some of life’s dangers without getting them upset or afraid.

Throughout his award-winning adventures, Baxter and his friends and family share important life lessons that are easy for children to understand and remember.

Audience: Elementary (K-5)
Grade Level: K-3
Format: DVD
Running Time: 20 minutes
Publisher: Phoenix Learning Group
Language: English
Product Type: Video
Topic: General Counseling

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